.......statements of the artist
My shadow is reflecting the dynamics of my life. Each picture is a part of me and brought to outside to enter into a dialogue. The dialogue between my spirit and the spirit of the viewer. It depends on whether he is engaged, bonded or repacified. I express the dominance in our life via animals, plants, flowers or mountains, shown in my pictures. And I demonstrate it in the whole dramatic art. These pictures illustrate the powerful and indomitable nature, the nature that will always be superior to us. Therefore I use the dimensions and strength of color in my workings. At the same time I demonstrate respect for the being. I experience all with my heart, that‘s why I find the beauty in everything. Through the love. The beauty that disappears, every day, piece by piece. My art is about to stop it.


My pictures are the colored answers that flow against the grey, in the stream of the human destructiveness.

Book with 35 colored images and
36 lyric poems.
Published by the Brothers Kornmayer www.kornmayer-verlag.de
ISBN 978-3-938173-13-8
2008 Gallery Hellhof, Kronberg
2006 Commerzbank - Plaza, Frankfurt / Main
2006 Sinus AV Studio, Frankfurt / Main
2005 Palmengarten, Frankfurt / Main
2005 Gallery Formstein, Mannheim
2004 Beauty Salon Butterfly, Frankfurt / Main
2004 Lindner Congress Hotel, Frankfurt / Main
2004 Arabella Sheraton Grand Hotel, Frankfurt / Main
2003 Gallery Formstein, Mannheim
2003 Artcafe Macondo, Oberursel
2002 Cafebar Bastos, Frankfurt / Main
2001 Advertising Agency Vision Direkt, Frankfurt / Main
1999 Museumsuferfest, Frankfurt / Main
1999 Citytreff Frankfurter Neue Presse, Frankfurt / Main
1998 Hypo Bank, Frankfurt / Main
1998 Museumsuferfest, Frankfurt / Main
1997 Bistrothek Plus, Frankfurt / Main
1995 Arabella Grand Hotel, Frankfurt / Main
1994 Bistrothek Plus, Frankfurt / Main
1994 Conference Centre Airport, Frankfurt Airport
1993 Cafebar Zeitvertreib, Frankfurt / Main
1992 Furniture Store Hein und Birkenstock, Wiesbaden
1992 Nibelungenschänke, Frankfurt / Main
1991 Das Bilderhaus, Gallery im Bilderkeller, Frankfurt / Main
1991 Cafebistro Fata Banal, Frankfurt / Main
1990 Student Union Erlangen, Erlangen
1989 Volkswirt, Frankfurt / Main
1989 Hospital Hanau, Hanau
1989 Law Office Bott, Frankfurt / Main
1988 Das Cafehaus, Frankfurt / Main