I was able to draw like Raffael at an early stage, but I needed a whole life to draw again like a child. Pablo Picasso

...........about the artist
She was born in the city of Frankfurt/Main and she stayed there with her family till 1965. She has grown up in the area of the mountain called Taunus. Already at the age of 6 years her talent to paint pictures became visible. At the age of 12 years she started to draw and paint intensive, whilst she went to school. She exercised herself in working with oil paint and studied classic masterworks by copying the pieces. She was drawing and painting and let her imagination run wild.

............about her acting
In 1979 she started her studies of design and painting at the Artschool Westend in Frankfurt/Main. Because she exercised art for many years it helped to get accepted as a student at that special school. After she studied for 7 years she started to work as studio artist in an advertising agency. This she did for several years in different international agencies. By that time she organized the first exhibition of her work of art. It was about time to present herself to an audience that is interested in art. So she could meet with the resonance and finally grow with it. In 1992 she moved into her first studio. She quit working in advertising business and applied herself to painting and writing.